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Client Reviews

"Mr. Nirenberg was honest in what he could, and could not achieve, in my case. He guided me through the entire process and was always available to me. His prices were fair and I received exactly the outcome that I sought when hiring him."

- Amber ★★★★★

"David is the best attorney that I have ever worked with. My employer was a Fortune 50 company with very deep pockets. I should have been more nervous about having them as a legal adversary than I was but I felt very confident that David would work my case toward the best possible outcome for me and he did just that. If you are lucky enough to have David represent you, just do what he says and let him handle the rest and I have no doubt it will work out well for you."

- Anonymous ★★★★★

"Very quick response and very accurate, looked up the adive that Mr. Nirenberg had given me and spoke with another lawyer about my case which the other lawyer said pretty much the same thing as Mr. Nirenberg. He even recomended that I could possibly handle my case myself by talking with the Department of Labor, which just goes to show he cares more about the person then just seeing them as money. Thank you for your help!"

- Pat ★★★★★

"Omar A. Lopez is a fantastic attorney. He always gives the best advice. I suffered for two years in a hostile work environment and was able to keep my job and stop my harasser when management was hoping to fire me because I complained about unfair and unethical workplace practices . This gave me a chance to find another job and keep my good employee records. I was never as upset as I was dealing with that horrible workplace and Mr. Lopez was there when I needed him for morale support. I could have taken the easy way out and quit or let them continue to harass me but I am glad I had Mr. Lopez’ help. I 100% recommend him. He truly is in it for justice and for the best interest of his clients, which is a rarity for lawyers it seems."

- Michelle ★★★★★

"I had the pleasure of being represented by David Ben-Asher for approximately one and a half years. From the very first moment I met him, Mr. Ben-Asher was very personable, attentive, knowledgable, and most important, incredibly honest! I felt confident that he could get the job done in a timely and successful manner and my thoughts were proven to be true. Mr. Ben-Asher is very thorough and pays close attention to the client, creating a very healthy lawyer-client relationship. I highly recommend him."

- NGM ★★★★★

"David is an excellent lawyer with in-depth understanding of the law. He and I worked closely on my case. He took detailed notes and provided thought-provoking insights that helped shaped the direction and ultimate outcomes of my case. I recommend him very highly."

- David ★★★★★

"Jonathan Nirenberg provided me with outstanding representation from start to finish in my employment law case. My employer had denied my legal return to work following my taking FMLA leave to seek treatment for a personal problem. I contacted Jonathan and he met with me that day and he began taking action immediately to protect my rights. Throughout the duration of negotiations with my former employer Jonathan provided me with a clear view of the process, spending ample time discussing the issues and our potential strategies with me. It was apparent to me every step of the way that Jonathan's primary concern was reaching a legal/remedy/settlement that best addressed my needs. I would recommend Jonathan Nirenberg without reservation to anyone in need of representation in a legal matter involving their employment."

- David ★★★★★

"Omar A. Lopez is a wonderful employment attorney. I highly recommend his services. I work for a large corporation and have been experiencing issues with a hostile work environment. I was considering terminating my position because of the stress. I found Mr. Lopez and his firm, The Lopez Firm through a friend referral. He met with me immediately and actually listened to me as I explained my situation. That was very special to me because I felt that he is very sincere. I worked with him as he guided me through my company's corporate handbook and helped me understand legal implications of my work environment. Through his guidance, I was able to complain the right way to the management team and human resources and corrective steps were put in place. I am very happy to say that the work environment did Change for the better and I remain a full time employee. I highly recommend Omar A. Lopez and The Lopez Firm."

- Anonymous ★★★★★

"Jonathan represented me five years ago a did a excellent job along with his paralegal Theo who is still with him. I would highly recommend Jonathan and Theo's expertise and talents in representing anyone."

- Tom ★★★★★

"Mr. Nirenberg provided a cogent and detailed explanation of the law as it pertained to the facts that would and would not support enforcement of the restrictive covenants in my employment agreement."

- Anonymous ★★★★★

"Jonathan is smart, responsive, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him without reservation."

- Anonymous ★★★★★

"Jonathan Nirenberg is a brilliant lawyer who provides superb counsel to clients with great passion for his profession. He was very well organized. He responded to my questions in a timely manner and represented me effectively to my complete satisfaction. I always admire his depth of knowledge and wisdom in handling employment related issues. He was very pleasant to work with and I would recommend his services without any reservation."

- Subramaniam ★★★★★

"Mr. Omar Lopez is a knowledgable and insightful attorney. He is well versed in the law and is adept at finding just the right solution for a particular legal problem. He communicated with me in a timely manner, listened carefully to my questions and concerns, and counciled me through the legal process with great care. I recommend Mr. Omar Lopez to anyone looking for a smart, savvy attorney."

- Lisa ★★★★★

"Omar Lopez has been our attorney for several years for various issues (employment, workers comp, and another legal issue). We found him very competent and professional. He always responded quickly to any questions we had. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is needing legal help."

- Giselle ★★★★★

"I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lopez. through a mutual friend. I consulted with him about a dispute I had pending with my former employer that concerned a lay-off. I found Mr. Lopez to be very knowledgeable and was pleased with the ease in which he explained the law and legal process to me. I have a technical background, not a legal background, so it was refreshing to have someone take the time to explain my options and the law in detail."

Mr. Lopez aggressively moved the case to a resolution that I had never expected, and I am extremely grateful to him. I recommend him without hesitation to my closest friends and family.

- Paloma ★★★★★

"I can not begin to tell you about how incredible my experience with Mr. Lopez has been. I have dealt with a few attorneys in the past, but none of them made me feel as confident as I felt with Mr. Lopez. For those of you that have been laid off from a company that you gave your heart and soul to, you know first hand how despondent you can feel. You just want to sign what ever papers they give you, just to get over the shame of being terminated. I almost did that, in fact, however my friend told me about MR. Lopez and I gave him a call. He listened to me and my teary rants (its a veryt emotional time) and he told me all about my rights. I had given my employer 16 years of working my self to death and they were replaciong me with someone much younger. This was their way of saving money and halting pension plans. I was very happy at the way Mr. Lopez fought against them and helped me settle for an amount that let me keep my self respect and give me time to find another job. I highly recommend him and always tell my friends about my experience."

- Gina ★★★★★

"I felt alone and without a voice, until I hired Jonathan I. Nirenberg of Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, P.C. Mr. Nirenberg represented me in an employment matter. Without his help, I know that I would not have had the extremely successful outcome I had. Jonathan was not only professional, but very empathetic to what happened to me. Jonathan gave me support, and options in relation to a challenging employer/employment situation which was an extremely difficult time in my life. I felt comfortable talking to Jonathan about every aspect of the events that took place. I was kept informed every step of the way and my questions and concerns were always addressed in an timely manner. Jonathan is a credit to all lawyers and exemplifies the qualities of honesty, hard work, and trustworthiness that every lawyer should strive towards. Thanks to Jonathan, people like myself, the average employee, have a voice that can be heard. I wholeheartedly and without question recommend Attorney Jonathan I. Nirenberg."

- Shelly Smith ★★★★★

"I worked with Jonathan Nirenberg, ESQ on a sensitive emotional employment matter. Mr. Nirenberg was quick to respond, offered excellent advice, and always followed up with phone calls or emails when needed. My situation was settled out of court within a short period of time with the best possible results for not just me but also for the employer. Highly recommend and would seek his help again if needed. Note: I originally contacted someone else in the firm who recognized that Jonathan Nirenberg was more familiar with the lawyers used by the employer. He quickly connected me with Mr. Nirenberg which is EXACTLY how a good law firm should operate! Thank you!"

- Linda Busch, PhD ★★★★★

"Work discrimination case. Honest, factual and hard-working to get great end result."

- Erin Weber ★★★★★

"We've had the pleasure of working with Jonathan on multiple individual and class employment cases. Jonathan is a skilled, dedicated and caring attorney that works diligently to bring justice for his clients. We would recommend Jonathan as a legal resource for any employment cases."

- Stephan Zouras, LLP ★★★★★