Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Violates the Law

Disability DiscriminationOur New Jersey disability discrimination lawyers handle claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), as well as New Jersey, New York State and New York City law.  Each of those laws make it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee because of a disability. In other words, if you have a physical or mental disability that does not prevent you from performing your job, then your employer cannot fire you, demote you, suspend you, harass you or otherwise discriminate against you because of it.

A Disability Does Not Have to Be Severe to Be Protected

In both New York and New Jersey, a physical or mental impairment does not necessarily have to be severe or debilitating to be considered a disability. As a result, while disabilities that cause blindness, hearing loss, paralysis or confinement to a wheelchair are considered disabilities, other conditions such as cancer, learning disabilities, depression and anxiety are also protected by anti-discrimination laws.

The Law Prohibits Discrimination Based on Past and Perceived Disabilities is Prohibited

State and federal law also prohibit discrimination based on the false belief that an employee has a disability (a perceived disability), or the fact that he or she has a record of having a disability in the past (a record of disability). In other words, your employer cannot discriminate against you because it incorrectly believes you have a disability or based on the fact that you previously had a disability. Accordingly, for example, conditions that are in remission such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes or hypertension are all legally protected disabilities. Similarly, episodic medical conditions like epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) and asthma can fall within the protection of the law.

It is unlawful to discriminate against an employee because of a disability. If you have been the victim of disability discrimination at work, your rights have been violated. Please feel free to contact us online or call us in New Jersey at (973) 744-4000 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced disability discrimination attorneys in New Jersey.

Employees Are Entitled to Reasonable Accommodations for Their Disabilities

Employees with disabilities are legally entitled to reasonable accommodations from their employers to allow them to perform the essential functions of their jobs. Your employment law rights have been violated if you have been fired or otherwise harmed at your job because your employer refused to provide you a reasonable accommodation for your physical or mental impairment. Additional information is available on our reasonable accommodations for disabilities page.

Employers Are Prohibited From Harassing You Because of a Disability

As with every other form of unlawful discrimination, it is unlawful for your employer to harass you because you have a disability. For example, it can be unlawful for your boss to tease you about your disability, make jokes about your physical or mental limitations, or to go out of the way to make it difficult for you to do your job because you have a disability.

If you have experienced harassment at work because you have a disability, or any other form of disability discrimination at your job in New Jersey or New York, we can help. We welcome you to contact one of our disability discrimination lawyers to learn more about your legal rights. Our telephone number is (973) 744-4000.