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Jersey City, New Jersey Overtime Lawyers

In New Jersey and New York, wage and hour laws require companies to pay time-and-a-half of overtime pay to most employees who work more than 40 hours in a single workweek. Accordingly, unless you fall within an exempt category you probably are entitled to time-and-a-half pay.

Overtime laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA"), the New Jersey Wage & Hour Act and New York State Labor Law can be complicated. They each include many exceptions and exemptions to the overtime pay requirement. As a result, companies often fail to pay employees properly because they mistakenly believe they are exempt. Other companies intentionally ignore their obligations to pay time-and-a-half to save money. But whether or not it is intentional it is a violation of the law to fail to pay a non-exempt employee overtime pay in both New York and New Jersey.

At Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, P.C., our wage and hour attorneys are experienced at representing employees who have overtime claims. We can help determine whether you are entitled to overtime pay, calculate your damages and fight to obtain the money you earned.

We not only represent individuals and small groups of employees, but we also handle many large class actions involving overtime claims. Please call us at (973) 744-4000 or contact us online to discuss your legal claim.

About Jersey City

The City of Jersey City was settled in the 1600’s and was officially incorporated as a city on January 28, 1820. It is the second most populous city in the state after Newark. During the 1900’s, Jersey City was a major destination point of the Underground Railroad. Jackie Robinson made his professional baseball debut for the Montreal Royals in Jersey City on April 18, 1946, marking the first time an African American baseball player played in a AAA minor league game. Many large banks, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup have offices in Jersey City. Likewise, a number of brokerage firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Fidelity Investments have offices in Jersey City. In fact, Goldman Sachs has its corporate headquarters there. It also is home to New Jersey City University, Liberty Park and Liberty Science Center, and is a launching point for ferries to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Directions From Jersey City

It is easy to reach our employment law firm from Jersey City. You can take Routes 1/9 North to Route 3 West. Exit Route 3 at the Bloomfield Avenue exit and turn left onto Bloomfield Avenue. Merge onto Darling Avenue and then turn right onto West Passaic Avenue. Continue for close to a mile and then turn right onto Broad Street. In approximately .4 miles turn left onto Bellevue Avenue. Proceed for approximately 1.3 miles and turn left onto Upper Montclair Plaza. Our office is located at 52 Upper Montclair Plaza, which will be immediately on your right.

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