Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnancy

Accommodations While Pregnant in New Jersey

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination ("LAD") requires employers to provide employees reasonable accommodations for pregnancy. That is true whether or not you have a pregnancy-related disability.

Examples of Accommodations for Pregnancy

There are many types of accommodations that can be available to pregnant workers. For example, when appropriate, they can include:

  • Time off for doctor's appointments;
  • A modified work schedule;
  • Help with manual labor, such as lifting and bending;
  • Extra bathroom breaks;
  • Extra food and water breaks;
  • Periodic rest during the day;
  • A temporary light duty assignment; or
  • Time off from work.

Generally, under New Jersey law, an employee must request an accommodation before she is entitled to one.

Accommodations for Breast Feeding

Even after you give birth, the LAD requires employers to accommodate you if you are nursing. For example, if you request it, your employer must provide you an appropriate place to pump milk. Notably, that location must be reasonably close to your work area, and cannot be a bathroom stall. Your employer also must provide you time during the day when you can express milk, and an appropriate place to store your milk.

Accommodations for Disabilities

Of course, pregnancy often comes with related disabilities. Employers are required to accommodate your disability, whether or not it is related to your pregnancy. For instance, employers must provide accommodations for disabilities that follow pregnancy, such as postpartum depression.

For additional information, please see our reasonable accommodations for disabilities page.

Protection Against Retaliation

The LAD prohibits employers from retaliating against an employee because she requested a reasonable accommodation. That means your employer cannot fire you because you requested or were granted an accommodation. It also means your employer cannot demote you, pass you over for a promotion, reassign you to a less desirable job, or harass you because you sought an accommodation for your pregnancy or breast feeding. To learn more, you can visit our retaliation and whistleblowers page.

Protection Against Discrimination

Similarly, whether or not you sought an accommodation, your employer cannot fire, harass, or otherwise discriminate against you because you are pregnant. Additional information is available on our pregnancy discrimination page.

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