Sexual Orientation Discrimination

New Jersey Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyers

Sexual Orientation DiscriminationSexual orientation discrimination is far too common in the workplace. Whether the discrimination is based on conscious bigotry or a subconscious bias, it is unlawful for your employer to treat you less favorably because of either your sexual orientation or your sexual identity.

Fortunately, New Jersey, New York State and New York City law all prohibit discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and sexual identity. As a result, it is illegal for a company to refuse to hire you, wrongfully terminate you, demote you, or otherwise discriminate against you based on the fact that you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or transsexual.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Stereotypes

Similarly, it is impermissible gender discrimination for your employer to treat you negatively because you do not meet its expectations or assumptions about gender roles or gender stereotypes in the workplace. This form of discrimination violates the law whether it is motivated by your sexual orientation, your sexual identity, your gender, or a combination of more than one of those factors.

If you have experienced discrimination at your job, we welcome you to call a sexual orientation discrimination attorney at our New Jersey law firm to discuss your legal rights. Our telephone number is (973) 744-4000.

Fighting Harassment Against Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Employees

Harassment is a form of illegal discrimination. By preventing sexual orientation and sexual identity discrimination, New Jersey and New York law also prohibit harassment based on each of these legally protected categories.

Harassment due to your sexual orientation can include calling you derogatory names, teasing or insulting you, telling biased or offensive jokes, assigning you to less desirable work, isolating you from your peers, physical or psychological intimidation, or almost any other negative treatment directed at you because of your sexual orientation or sexual identity.

These types of mistreatment can take a serious emotional and physical toll on employees who are subjected to them. Harassment is legally actionable if it is serious enough to make your work environment hostile. In other words, you can pursue a claim if the harassment is severe or if it occurs frequently enough to create a hostile workplace.

Protection Against Retaliation

Although it often is legally required before you can pursue a claim, it can be intimidating to have to report sexual orientation discrimination or harassment to your company. Fortunately, the law protects you from retaliation when you report something that you reasonable believe was unlawful discrimination at your job.

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