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Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. It occurs when your company creates or permits a hostile work environment for you because of your gender. In other words, it is a pattern of unwelcome behavior that happens to you at work because you are a woman or because you are a man.

Sexual harassment often includes actions that are sexual in nature, such as unwelcome advances, physical contact or offensive comments and jokes. But it does not have to include anything sexual at all. For example, it can include offensive behavior based on gender stereotypes, antiquated beliefs about the roles of men and women in the workplace or favoritism to one sex over the other. Sexual harassment violates the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination ("LAD") and the New York Human Rights Law ("NYHRL") if it is severe or pervasive (frequent) enough that it would make a reasonable woman (or man) consider her (or his) work environment to be hostile or abusive.

At Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, P.C. our sexual harassment lawyers frequently help employees identify whether the workplace harassment they are experiencing is legally actionable and to understand the best ways to respond to it. We help employees who want to make internal complaints of harassment, who need to leave their jobs due to a hostile work environment, who want to try to negotiate a fair severance package or who want to file lawsuits against their companies.

Our attorneys represent employees throughout New Jersey or who work in or around New York City who have experienced unlawful sexual harassment at their jobs.

About Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

In the 18th century, the Dutch settled in what is currently Upper Saddle River. The settlers built mills along the Saddle River. Today, several of these mills are private homes.

The origin of the Borough’s name is believed to come from two Scottish explorers who believed the river looked like the Sadle Burn in Scotland. In 1894, the New Jersey Legislature established the Borough from portions of what had been Hohokus and Orvil Township. Until the 1950’s, Upper Saddle River was mainly farmland, and gained a reputation for growing apples and strawberries. As of the 2010 census, Upper Saddle River has a population of slightly over 8,200.

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