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Sexual Harassment

Harassment Because of Your Gender

Sexual HarassmentAt Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, our New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers represent employees who have been the victims of workplace harassment.

Sexual harassment is a form of harassment that is directed at you because of your gender. It often is sexual in nature, but it does not have to be. For example, sexual harassment can include harassment that is based on stereotypes about women or men, insults or name-calling that is directed at you because of your gender or other unwelcome behavior toward you because you are a woman or a man. It does not matter if the person who is harassing you is a man or a woman as long as he or she is doing so because of your gender.

Sexual harassment often is coupled with other forms of unlawful gender discrimination, such as demoting you, passing you up for a promotion or wrongfully terminating you because of your gender.

Sexual Harassment

Of course, sexual harassment often is sexual in nature. For example, inappropriate comments about your body, unwelcome sexual glances or stares, inappropriate physical touching, unwanted sexual overtures, propositions or advances, sexually explicit or pornographic pictures, stories or jokes, unwelcome flirting or sexual banter or almost any other unwanted sexual behavior by a coworker or supervisor, can be part of a sexually hostile work environment.

When is Sexual Harassment Legally Actionable?

Not all offensive workplace conduct based on your gender is unlawful. The harassment has to be severe (serious enough), or pervasive (frequent enough) to make your working conditions hostile or abusive. Accordingly, a sexually harassment claim can be based on one extremely severe act of harassment, such as a sexual assault at work, or a series of actions that might not be serious individually but occur frequently enough that together they create a hostile work environment.

Although sexually harassment often is committed by an employee’s supervisor or someone else in a position of power, harassment by a coworker also can be illegal. However, employers generally cannot be held responsible for sexual harassment committed by one of your peers or subordinates unless management is aware of the harassment and fails to stop it.

Another important consideration in sexual harassment cases is whether the company has an effective anti-harassment policy, a topic that is discussed in our blog article: Jury Must Decide Whether Anti-Harassment Policy Protects Employer From Sexual Harassment Claim.

Real Help When Sexual Harassment Victims Feel Powerless and Alone

The New Jersey sexual harassment lawyers at Rabner Baumgart Ben-Asher & Nirenberg, P.C. stands strong beside victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, ensuring that their rights are protected and that they receive providing compassionate support. Our employment law attorneys have had significant success in pursuing sexual harassment cases. We understand the complexities of state and federal sexual harassment laws, how to investigate claims, and what is required to prove them.

Protection Against Retaliation

Employees who complain about sexual harassment in the workplace are legally protected from retaliation. In both New Jersey and New York, it is a violation of your employment law rights for your employer to retaliate against you if you complain behavior that you honestly believe is sexually harassment. This is true whether or not you personally were a victim of the harassment, witnessed the harassment, or merely heard about it from a coworker.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment: Nobody Should Feel Sex is a Job Requirement

Another form of sexual harassment is when your boss states or implies that sex or being in a romantic relationship is a condition of keeping your job, getting a promotion or otherwise succeeding at work. That is called “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, and it violates the law in both New York and New Jersey. No employee should be required to trade sex for career advancement!

Protecting Clients' Rights Through Vigorous Negotiation and Litigation

The sexual harassment attorneys at our New Jersey law firm champion the rights of sexual harassment victims and pursue claims in order to hold sexual harassers and their employers accountable. Victims trust our employment law attorneys to act with compassion and discretion while putting the weight and resources of the firm on your side, evening the odds against formidable employers.

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